Commedia, Commedia

today, we worked on the character colombina who is a ferocious flirt. it was a little difficult still, but it got better when we invited jared over so we could have someone to flirt with. we got a 5 of 10 grade for that but I’m sure we will work on it. being the character made me feel the part. in the moment, i was ultimately pretty, confident, model type of girl. after, we had an exercise on improvisation, being all the characters in turn, forming a story as we went along. at the end of it, i was able to be in the characters by moving the way they do. motion to bring emotion.



almost there… maybe.

we finished with all significant characters except colombina. i really did feel her presence by her movement. the emotion that came with it was amazing, far stronger than the others that i have felt. sadly, i couldn’t keep it up because i’m a horrible flirt. Brighella too was looked at. i did feel the witty nature and the slight stupor of the character. i think I’m getting better at this.



today, we went through the characters in commedia dell’arte. il dottre. il capitano, magnifico, pantalone, zanni, arlechino and the witch. basically, it was a thrilling and tiring experience of being the characters. all their different tones and physique, the atmosphere created, and generally the various behaviour. we will do more the next meeting hopefully.


stock characters begin.

today, we had to pretend that i was married to elikem and that we wanted to have a divorce. mifa and nuna as friends were to bring us back together and the conflict is resolved. it taught me the effective embodiment of a character, not being the character. i also had to be the friend who tries to convince the others to reunite. it was difficult . apart from life’s lessons, it taught me the art of patience in being a character as well as the stages of aggression to be used. for the last part, we were to be il capitano, a stock character in commedia dell’arte. we had to imitate and be his pompous boastful self who cannot even hurt a fly – a sheep in a wolf’s clothing. again, we had to refer to the physical struggles we went through at the field in order to bring out the suitable emotion of il capitano.

on the plus side, we got to meet emily from yolo!


Jaque Lecoq

So this guy has a theory about the forces ‘push’ and ‘pull’. It’s strange. As i walked in the space I sometimes felt myself being pushed along, other times i was pulled. At other instances, i pushed and pulled. today, we focused on resistance and release.

we took turns guiding out partners to safety while they fully trusted us and resisting the forces imposed on us by our partners. i enjoyed the relief because of its state of imbalance. moving heater skelter and the lease of the body helps with the finding balance and moving the physical body to convey the emotions that we may.

at the same time, resistance taught me that control of the body may slip and slide out of our reach but the point is to regain one’s grip and use as much force as possible to project one’s emotions. we also had to do a free run across the room to build ┬áconfidence and trust in ourselves, our bodies. i have learned to control my body and know that i can do whatever i put my mind to.

pushing and pulling, balance and imbalance, consciousness and non-consciousness, they all help in developing the actor or actress to be a character using themselves, and not as themselves.

– Kukua.

Salt and water.

Our class today was disrupted by all the emotions and ‘vibes’ that erupted from the student council elections. It also included the reality of situations in the school and how much we should work on building ourselves up. It brought us closer to the struggle to move on that authored is always talking about.